Lemon: A Juicy Fruit Rich in Vitamin C for Healthy Life

Lemon or Lime (Nimboo) is a greenish or yellowish delicious Berry organic product, wealthy in vitamin C and is regularly utilized as flavor and additive in culinary and various helpful applications. It is borne on evergreen prickly shrubbery, bush or little tree. The plant bears white blooms. Lemon has a place with Family Rutaceae and its Botanical name is Citrus limon/Citrus medica. Other firmly associated organic products are Orange, Malta, Mausambi, Keenu with somewhat unique taste and surface.

It is disKeeneed both as wild or developed agricultural plant all through the world expected to have begun in South East Asia ( India, Burma and China) It should have started hereditarily as a crossover of harsh orange and Citron amid 1000 AD.

It inclines toward mild and sub tropical climatic conditions and is a strong plant. It bears green gleaming leaves with winged petiole. Unripe green organic products turn yellowish on aging yet in a few assortments stay green, Fruits are round or curved fit as a fiddle here and there pointed on one side extending from 2-4 creeps in distance across. Skin of the organic product might be thin and fragile or thick and extreme. It has numerous assortments, for example, Eureka, Lisbon, Villafranca, Lucknow seedless, Assam Lemon, Nepali Round and so on. From every medium measured lemon 2-3 tablespoons of juice can be crushed out. The Juice contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 ( Total 18%), minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper and around 88% Vitamin C alongside sugars, fats, and proteins. It is sharp in taste and has one of a kind aroma. 100gm of lemon squeeze on utilization can give 29 kcal vitality. Different constituents of lemon incorporate unstable oil in the peel, flavonoids, intense limonoids, citral coumarin, gelatins, adhesive and alpha-terpinene.


Lemon is credited with numerous ideals however most intriguing case is its capacity to slaughter growth cell and its utilization as a substitute to chemotherapy. In any case, every one of these properties of lemon are still to be demonstrated tentatively. Examination on concoction constituents of lemon and their relationship to growth anticipation is under advancement in a few research facilities. Following are a portion of its basic restorative applications.

Handles skin issues As lemon has antibacterial and clean property it can restore skin and it is wealthy in vitamin C upgrades magnificence. It goes about as hostile to - maturing cure and can expel wrinkles, pimples and scar left by consumes So is ordinarily utilized in cleansers, Shampoo, cleansng moisturizer and so forth.

Handles mouth and dental issues Lemon juice when connected to gums can stop gum draining and furthermore help with disposing of toothache. It gives alleviation from insult smell.

It fixes throat disease As lemon juice has antibacterial property, swish with lemon water alongside a little salt aides in battling against throat contamination and furthermore help with restoring respiratory issue.

It is useful in decreasing weight It helps in loosing weight speedier. For this reason one needs to take one glass of lemon water early in the day with void stomach. The lemon water is set up by crushing juice of one lemon and blending it in a glass of tepid water with 3 spoons of nectar and a touch of salt. It surely helps in diminishing weight on one hand and individual expending it feels vivacious and new entire day.

It controls hypertension It controls hypertension, wooziness, queasiness and additionally gives unwinding to mind and body. It additionally controls mental pressure, sorrow and anxious issue.

It helps in relieving Rheumatism Lemon is likewise a diuretic and consequently lemon water can treat ailment and joint inflammation. It flushes out microbes and poisons out of the body.

It lessens fever Lemon water can treat a man who is experiencing chilly, influenza or fever. It breaks fever by expanding sweat. Half cut lemon marginally cooked ablaze with little of salt and dark pepper enhances the taste after fever.

It goes about as blood purifier The illnesses like cholera or jungle fever can be regarded with lemon water as it can go about as a blood purifier.

It is useful for easing stomach issues Due to the stomach related characteristics lemon juice helps in handling heartburn, gastric inconvenience and clogging. It likewise goes about as a liver tonic and in executing parasites. It is antibacterial, antifungal and is additionally ready to control worms. Lemon water with sugar and salt is likewise recommended to repay water misfortune or drying out amid the runs and diarrhea.


In spite of the fact that lemon has such a large number of excellencies however a few people have skin sensitivity towards lemon and in the meantime it might unfavorably influence teeth veneer, gasteroesophageal ailment and tonsillitis. As lemon juice has citrus extract may disturb mucosa and decalcify teeth.


• Lemon squeeze, fragile living creature and skin are utilized in numerous culinary application and is a typical kitchen thing all through the world. Lemon is utilized to set up an assortment of nourishment formulas as potato talk, blended visit, cakes, lemon chicken, lemon seasoned beverages.

• It is utilized to make lemonade (Shikanjee alongside sugar), Sharbat, Squash (soda pop).

• It is utilized as additive in planning of here and now pickles of ginger, garlic, green Chill and so on.

• It is utilized in dressing onion, tomato, cucumber, radish and beet root serving of mixed greens.

• It is likewise utilized in organic product plates of mixed greens of apple, banana, guava as its juice is acidic denatures the compounds and forestall cooking and corruption of foods grown from the ground them new for longer span.

• Lemon juice is likewise used to marinate angle (diminishes smell ), sheep and chicken for kneading collagen filaments.

• While making Ladoos, Shakarpara, Gulabjamun and Jalebi Sugar syrup ( Chasini) is cleared by including some lemon squeeze as it contains citrus extract.

• Grated dried skin (as that of orange) is utilized in bread kitchen for season and in marmalads, jams, jams, puddings and biryani.


Fragrance of lemon oil is utilized in fragrant healing, upgrades inclination and power.

It is likewise utilized in cleansers, body salve, shampoos and different beauty care products as cream.

Cut lemon is utilized as cleanser in cooler.

It is utilized to clean and light up copper products and embellishing pieces alongside salt and preparing pop.

Half slice lemon is rubbed to expel stains, oil, oil and to clean plastic stockpiling compartments.

It is likewise utilized for readiness of citrus extract.

It is utilized as ubtan (Scrub ) on skin alongside gram floor, turmeric, curd and rose water.

It is connected alongside coconut oil on the scalp before go to dispose of Dandruff.

Development OF LEMON 

Lemon is developed by seeds which sprout on getting dampness or by cuttings, joining and so forth. Nursery beds are set up on light rich soils. It develops well in extensive variety of soils. pH scope of 5. 5 to 7. 5 is positive for lemon ranch. Soil ought to be very much depleted. Water system enhances the plant development, blossoming and fruiting in citrus. Planting ought to be done from June to August. Bury plant dispersing ought to be 5m x 5m. Manuring is required thrice in a year. Splash of micronutrients advance development. Sub tropical atmosphere is most appropriate for lemon development and advancement. Dry and bone-dry conditions having low precipitation are most great for the product. India positions 6th underway of lemon on the planet. In India Citrus organic products are developed in Punjab, Maharashtra, Karnataka. Andhra Pradesh. Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Gujrat, Assam and Uttaranchal Lemon trees are lasting and deliver organic products upto 10 to 15 years and may achieve a tallness of 6-8 feet and shade of around 4 feet.


The most widely recognized ailment of Lemon and different citrus plants in India is Citrus ulcer. Kagzi Nimboo winds up tainted in blustery season by bacterial pathogen Xanthomonas citri through stomata and wounds. The ailment influences leaves, twigs and organic products. Every single green part and developing natural products wind up secured by dark colored scabby spots of around 3-4mm. The market estimation of natural products is diminished because of scabby injuries. To control this sickness 1% Bordeaux blend or 500 ppm arrangement of Streptomycin sulfate is powerful. Gummosis of Citrus is caused by Phytophthora Species. The side effects are exudation of sticky substance, yellowing and eventually falling of clears out. Greening malady of Citrus is caused by Psylla (MLOs). Side effects are yellowing of midribs and veins of develop takes off. Eventually entire leaf turns yellow and fall. For its control splash of 0. 05% Malathion is utilized. Aphids cause a genuine harm to Citrus tree amid developing season. Aphids suck the sap from leaves so leaves end up curved and disfigured. Citrus whiteflies little winged bug nourishes on underside of leaves and furthermore lay eggs. On bring forth of eggs hatchlings stay appended to leaf and suck the sap. Leaves wind up twisted and secured by a mildew covered substance. For control of irritations gammexane powder can be cleaned on leaves and soil encompassing the roots.


As different products of the soil lemons are likewise contaminated by assortment of pathogens amid capacity, for example, Alternaria, Fusarium, Botrytis, Geotrichum, Penicillium and so forth causing dark and darker spoil, dim and blue green molds bringing about substantial harm. To control these post reap sicknesses they ought to be put away in low temperature and keeping in mind that pressing for transportation protected and mellow fungicides ought to be utilized.


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