Amazing news this week from Apple on their use of Differential Privacy. They didn't invent Differential Privacy, they are not the first to use De-Identification, but they seem to have thought about this. We can't yet tell how well they thought about this, as the details are not clear. That is, they are still not being Transparent.

I am not an Apple fanboy, I think they get far too much credit and buzz. I don't think this is their fault, they are masters of marketing, and they never claim to have created something no-one else has. What they do very well is take technology that is just slightly behind bleeding edge, letting someone else get most of the cuts and blood, and the critical thing, they use it in a way that provides really good value. It is this that I am very much a fanboy for apple, they know how to pivot the work of others into a bigger value for their customers.

Differential Privacy is another case of this value-adding exceptional execution.   Specifically...
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